Monday, 1 August 2011

Kerrang Competition Part 2

And now a 150 word review of one of the worst gigs I ever went to:
Rise to Addiction
Rios, Leeds
  With more room to swing a coalition of cheetahs, let alone a cat, Rios is looking rather sparse to say the least. Unfortunately that’s probably for the best. The local support band may fail to announce who they are but do succeed in mauling three System of a Down cover songs and only two of their own. Although to be honest they could also have been covers just defiled beyond recognition.
  This bodes well for showing Rise to Addiction, which includes ex-members of Blaze Bayley’s band, in a good light. Sadly for them there’s not much light down in Rios and any there is appears to be bad. Fresh from playing to thousands at Bloodstock a small show such as this should be a breeze. The bands lack of effort and bland, uninspiring metal reflects the night’s mood leaving the few attending fans wondering why they, unlike the band, bothered.

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