Monday, 26 March 2012


I created this blog to record my journalistic endeavours, but unfortunately keep forgetting about it so thought it best to update it while it's at the front of my mind.
To view all my music reviews and editing skills check out The Online Courier Music section which I edit. It's updated every Monday during Newcastle University term time and whilst I don't write all the content I upload it, edit the layout, pictures etc. To find my own written pieces just type my name 'Graham Matthews' into the search bar:

I have also started to write for Rock The North, some of the content overlaps with The Courier, but not much. Unfortunately there's no search function so just trawl through the reviews looking for pieces by me:

I finally listened to Worship Music by Anthrax, and it is amazing.

At the moment I am down in London doing a one week internship with Terrorizer Magazine which is great. So far all I've done is some proof reading, re-hashed a press release and packaged some magazines up to be sent off to clients. Oh, and been licked by the office dog.

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