Saturday, 1 December 2012

Recent Ramblings

Fear not for I do return. Once again I have failed to keep this blog updated regularly, partly because I forgot my password and partly because I have been too busy doing other bits of writing/reading/watching elsewhere.

All being well I will be starting up a new blog soon and updating it regularly (at least weekly). More details to come soon.

So, here is a list of links to some recent reviews I've written:

Devin Townsend Project live at Northumbria Students Union. Fantasic warm up for his Retinal Circus show down in London.

Parkway Drive - 'Atlas' album review. Parkway Drive continue from where they left off. Sounds exactly like Parkway Drive.

Architects live at Northumbria Students Union. Just listen to the song below and imagine that breakdown live. Need I say more? 

"You had it all, you fucking pigs"

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